The Benefits of Having a Living Will

A living will is a notarized, legal document with indispensable benefits both for the individual who drafted it and for their family. It allows you to communicate your wishes about end-of-life care should you ever become unable to communicate those wishes for yourself later on. A living will essentially provide an outline of the treatments that you do or do not want. Having a living will is of particular importance in the event of a mishap to a family's breadwinner.

The three main benefits of consulting with a Calgary wills lawyer at Housecall Wills & Estates in order to create a living will are:

  • It can ease the emotional burden on your family
Without a living will, the burden of deciding on your medical treatment in the event of an accident or a terminal illness will end up falling to your family. Making these sorts of decisions can be incredibly emotionally draining, especially if there is confusion and disagreement about what you may have wanted.

Drafting a living will can help ease this emotional burden, and it can prevent arguments among your family members during such a difficult time. Making your healthcare wishes and directives known by putting them in writing will eliminate a good deal of stress for your family members, making it easier for them to come to terms and make peace with that has happened.
  • It can ease the financial burden on your family
Experiencing a sudden accident or becoming diagnosed with a terminal illness can leave your family burdened both emotionally and financially. If you prefer not to have your family covering long-term care costs, then you can stipulate so in your living will.

Having a living will also make it more likely that you will receive hospice care rather than hospital care, which is a much lower-cost alternative. End-of-life hospital expenses can soar to unmanageable levels, and can leave your family looking fruitlessly for financial resources that will allow them to continue paying.

  • It can ensure that your wishes are followed
On top of making sure that your family's emotional and financial needs are looked after should you become incapable of making decisions for yourself, a living will can give you the confidence of knowing that your wishes about end-of-life care are known and respected. A living will gives you the power to refuse treatments that you do not want, and to authorize treatments which you approve of. You won't have to worry about any of your personal beliefs or desires getting compromised.

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Though it may not be a topic that many people like to think about, making decisions about end-of-life care before the time comes for you to receive that care is one of the best ways of securing peace of mind for yourself and for your family.

If you're thinking about drafting a living will in Calgary, then don't hesitate to contact Housecall Wills & Estates. Our Calgary wills lawyer will make sure that your living will meets all of your needs and makes your wishes known.

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